Welcome to ORO & ORO World

Welcome to the world of ‘’Oro & Oro‘’
A world of passion, elegance, and creativity.
Located in the heart of Brescia, In the North of Italy,
we are an Italian company that designs and produces door handles.

We believe a handle must stand out as a symbol of elegance
that matches your taste and your house décor, giving it a unique final touch.
Our designs vary in style; from simple and minimalistic, to iconic classics, all the way to geometrical models, and futuristic designs.

We at “Oro & Oro” insist that every model must have its own character to give an exclusive identity to a door.
To achieve this level of Art, we have always collaborated with very talented designers in all our collections, pushing them to “dare to think outside of the box”.
As a result, each model has a clear character that speaks for itself.
Our handles are more than tools to open a door, they are expressions of
‘’Style’’, of ‘’Elegance’’, and ‘’Beauty‘’
Make your door more than just an entrance,
Turn it into a masterpiece with our handles that come in a big variety of finishes.
We believe that everything we do reflects our style and culture.
Thus, when you choose “ORO & ORO”, you aren’t merely purchasing a door handle for your door,
You are choosing the Elegance, Beauty and Style…